A lot of people are talking about sustainability these days. Still more talk about brands. Yet few people truly understand either. Inspired by The Brand Gap and Simplicity, Dan Gray sets about answering the really big questions. What does it really mean to be sustainable? Why is that critical to long-term brand and business success? And what does it take to establish sustainability as a lasting and meaningful source of advantage? With its Six Laws for building sustainable brands, this book offers a quick and deceptively simple guide to why CSR is dead and design for sustainability is the next competitive advantage.


“A very skilfully crafted think-piece. Dan Gray’s argument that sustainability equals longevity is brilliantly thought-provoking.”
Robert Jones, Head of New Thinking, Wolff Olins

“I really like this book. Not only is it full of good content, but its structure makes for a very inviting read. It deserves to do well with busy business people looking to learn more about the business value of sustainability.”
Ray Anderson
, Founder and Chairman, Interface Inc.

“CSR is dead. Corporate Sustainability is finally here and it’s asking a lot more of companies and their brands than CSR ever did. For those ‘in transition’ – and the Brand Managers still persuaded that all this sustainability stuff is not for them – Live Long and Prosper is just great.”
Jonathon Porritt, Founder Director, Forum for the Future

“Dan Gray may not be Dan Brown, but his 55-minute guide is a real page-turner!”
John Elkington, Co-Founder, SustainAbility and Volans Ventures

“A clear, concise, and insightful summary of where Corporate Responsibility and sustainability is at. There isn’t a marketer in Britain who wouldn’t gain from giving an hour of their time to read and reflect on its contents.”
Giles Gibbons
, Founder and CEO, Good Business

“How refeshing – a business book you don’t have to wade through or skim read. This is smart thinking, made all the more powerful by its simplicity. A pleasure to read.”
Piers Guilar, Group Director – Strategy, Siegel+Gale

“A fiendishly handy little book. Dan has put together a very accessible and concise primer on turning sustainability into a source of brand and competitive advantage. All you need to know to get the big idea in less than an hour.”
Matt Gitsham, Director, Ashridge Centre for Business and Sustainability

“Sustainability may be the ‘rocket science’ of the new century, but as Dan Gray points out in this very readable book, it can also be stunningly simple and achievable.”
Adam Werbach, Global CEO, Saatchi & Saatchi S

“This is a great user manual for those coming to terms with the realisation that old fashioned corporate responsibility needs to be confined to the dustbin of history. In this new age, successful businesses will be renewed from the inside out, acting as a force for good by rising to the challenge of sustainability and authentically embedding brands in new business models.”
Tony Manwaring, Chief Executive, Tomorrow’s Company and


Management consultant. Sustainability advocate. Brand strategist. MBA graduate. Integrative thinker. Linguist. Author. Storyteller. Armchair anthropologist. Family man. Rugby nut. Germanophile. Amateur chef. Giant.

Depending on whom you ask, Dan Gray is a lot of things. While that might seem a little messy to some, he insists there’s method to the madness—all fuelled by a preoccupation with how brand, sustainability and design thinking can be woven together to help organisations create thicker value.

As a consultant, he’s worked with several leading brand and design agencies—including Publicis Consultants and Seymourpowell—and has helped to win new business and deliver major projects with clients including Barclays Capital, Ernst & Young, Etisalat, KPMG, Lloyds Banking Group, Paclantic, Sainsbury’s, Savills and Tetra Pak.

Besides this, maintaining his Live Long and Prosper blog and editing other titles in the 55-minute guide series, he’s also a Visiting Fellow of the Ashridge Centre for Business and Sustainability (ACBAS), an occasional contributor to, and a co-founder of the CommScrum LinkedIn community.

When he’s not working, he’s most likely to be found mucking around with his little girl, cooking up a storm in the kitchen, or in the stands at the Madejski Stadium cheering on London Irish.


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