Leadership communication



Let’s get something straight. Leadership doesn’t exist solely in the world of business, politics and the military. Neither is it the exclusive realm of charismatic heroes. It’s a natural human activity that occurs in every facet of our personal, community and professional lives; and, while leadership may take many forms, communication is central to all of them. In this succinct, compelling and highly actionable book, Geoff Barbaro provides a simple, adaptable framework to guide your own discovery of what real leadership communication is in any situation – not the one-sided exercise of power and authority, but the building of authentic, values-driven relationships between people to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.


“A terrific reference point for current and aspiring leaders.”
Trevor Young, Edelman Australia

“A thoughtful and practical contribution to the field of leadership.”
Professor Mick Dodson, Australian National University

“I found useful ideas on every page.”
Georgia Cuylenburg, I Am Spartacus Entertainment

“Provides indispensible advice on inspiring all those around us.”
Rishi A. Miyata, The Centre for Strategy, Enterprise & Intelligence

“A wonderful quick read.”
Michael Margolis, Get Storied


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