Social Communication



In this age of social media, we all know that the days of top-down, one-size-fits-all approaches to organisational communication are numbered. But what should replace it? Channelling the spirit of Abraham Lincoln, Mike Klein presents a short, compelling and highly actionable guide to understanding the tribal ties that connect people and the communication strategies that mobilise them to act for change. In so doing, he exposes the aggressive naivete of social media evangelists and explains how the true value of social communication lies not in the brainless adoption of new technologies, but in their strategic application as a force multiplier for the timeless principles of word of mouth.


“Might just change the way you look at social media.”
Joao Baptista, Warwick Business School

“The best thing I’ve seen on how real people communicate.”
Roger D’Aprix, ROI Communication

“A persuasive and practical call to action.”
Liz Guthridge, Connect Consulting Group

“Clear, cogent and deeply insightful.”
Maury Peiperl, IMD Business School

“A must-read for anyone involved in communicating strategy.”
Dr Georg Kolb, DirektZu


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